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Dalton's Way Lamanchas

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Reference Bucks

Trademark as a 3 year-old

2010 Show Wins:
1 X Sr. Grand Champion
2 X Reserve Grand Champion
6 X 1st


+*B South-Fork TTN Trademark
Black w/ white patch          DOB:  3/22/05
Linear Appraisal   
2006:  1-03  V E E 87
2007:  2-03  V E E 89
2008:  3-06  E E E 91
2010:  5-02  V E E 91
Sire:  *B South-Fork SC Titan
Sire's Sire: ++*B SG Tempo Scotty
SSS: Winterwood's The Medicine Man 
SSD: Tempo Katya
Sire's Dam: GCH Timber*Cove DD Honey Comb 1*M
SDS: Altrece Jericho Dapper Dandy
SDD: Timber*Cove Say Honey Dew
Dam:  SGCH South-Fork Taipei Terra 3*M
Dam's Sire: One*Oak*Hill Tumbleweed Taipei
DSS: One*Oak Hill Mac Tumbleweed
DSD: One*Oak Hill Payne Talpa
Dam's Dam: SGCH South-Fork Sugar Candy 2*M
DDS: Timber*Cove M Sir Hershey
DDD: South-Fork Charmed I'm Sure

A HUGE thank you to Bill and Martha Griner for trusting us enough to offer us the opportunity to purchase Trademark as our herd sire.  We could not be more pleased with the improvements he has made in our herd.  He really is a beautiful buck that continues to get better every year.  He is very correct and continues to improve the quality of our herd including height, length of body, and mammary systems.   Additional Trademark daughters include CH Little Orchard TM Pick Me and Sparkling Acres Spring Melody.  Both are beautiful does, excelling in many areas including length, height and mamary systems. 
We have been notified that THREE of Trademark's '09 buck kids have qualified for the Young Sire Development Program. 
We had Trademark collected in 2007 and again in 2010 and have semen available (See "Breeding Chart & Semen Sales" page for details).
2010 Update - We took Trademark to his first show since we have owned him and he was Grand Champion in one ring and Reserve Grand Champion in another.  His son, Triton, went Grand in two rings.  We are so proud of these boys and gracious for how well behaved they were!
And to top it off, Trademark also earned his + this year.  We could not be more proud of him.
July 6, 2010
We are very sad to report the loss of our boy Trademark today.  He was such a powerful buck who has made such a tremendous impact on our herd.  We freshened two additional daughters of his this year and both are gorgeous does that show a very promising future both in the show ring and milk production.   He will be greatly missed.

Whisper at 2 Years Old

2010 Show Wins:
1 X 1st
3 X 2nd
2011 Show Wins:
1 X - GCH
1 X - 1st
1 X - 2nd
1 X - 3rd

Sire of 1st Place Milking Yearling 2011 Nationals & 1st Place Yearling Best Udder
Sire of 4th Place Jr. Get of Sire 2011 Nationals
Sire to 5th Place Milking Yearling 2011 Nationals
Sire to Colorama Sale Kid 2011 Nationals
*B Lit'L Dutch VG Irish Whisper 
Grey w/ White Trim    Date of Birth:  3/16/07
Linear Appraisal: 
YSA 2007  0-04  V Ec Ec
      2009: 2-06  + + V 84
      2010: 3-02  V V E 87
        2011: 4-02  V + V 85
Sire:    Lit'L Dutch TR Vegas
Sire's Sire:  *B Little Orchard BR Triton
SSS: Kastdemur's Bad Rap
SSD: Little Orchard PH Pure Charm
Sire's Dam:  GCH Lit'L Dutch Tootsie 2*M EX90
SDS: Altrece First In The Night
SDD: Little Orchard NM Nutmeg
Dam:  GCH Lit'L Dutch Snowcap 2*M EX92
Dam's Sire: *B Lucky*Star QM Neutron EX91
DSS: Quixote's Jo's Monet
DSD: Lucky*Star's F Krystal
Dam's Dam: Little Orchard NM Nutmeg 1*M EX90
DDS: South-Fork CH Night Magic
DDD: Little Orchard GI Peanut

We are so sad to report the passing of Whisper.  He has been such an integral part of our breeding program and we could not be more pleased with his  offspring.  We are so thankful that we used him again this season as this will be it for him.   He will be sorely missed!!  Rest in Peace Whisper!
We are so thrilled to add Whisper to our herd.  His pedigree speaks for itself. He is a big, wide, extremely long, level buck that excels in dairy character.  He stands on very strong feet and legs, is very level over the topline, has a beautiful head, wide, flat rump and a nice long neck.  He is maturing into a really nice buck.  We have admired Vegas and Snowcap for some time and are so excited to bring this line into our herd.  
Whisper joined us at the end of October 2008 and was used on only two does. He only gave us one doe kid who not only looks just like him but is a very correct kid.  
He will be used heavily this breeding season. 
2010 Update - Well Whisper is proving to be everything we hoped he would.  We are so thrilled with the kids he has thrown this year.  They are very correct and flashy too.  He seems to have "tweeked" the areas that we wanted to improve on without taking anything away from what we already had.  These kids are long, level, open, with some of the prettiest heads we have ever had (that was one of the reasons we bought this buck). We showed one of his bucklings at a four ring show and he won Jr. Grand Champion in all four rings! We are hoping he adds height to the rear udder as well but we won't know his impact on mammaries until we freshen his daughters next season.  So far he is proving to be a great addition to the herd and we are loving what we are seeing. 
Whisper's 2010 daughters won Jr. Get of Sire at the Rhinebeck NY show Lamancha Specialty on June 19th.  All of his kids did extremely well at the show.  Can't wait to see udders!

4 Year Old

3 Year Old

Triton at 18 months old

2010 Show Wins:
4 X Sr. Grand Champion
5 X 1st
1 X 2nd
2011 Show Wins:


4 Year Old

*2011 ALC Reserve All American Buck*

***FOR SALE - $500***
*B CH Dalton's Way TM Triton
Black w/ white belt          DOB:  2/21/07
Linear appraisal: 
YSA 2007:  0-04  Ec Ec Ec Ec
      2008:  1-07  V V V 88
        2009:  2-07  V E V 87
        2010:  3-03  E E E 92
        2011:  4-03  E E E 93!!!
Sire:  *B South-Fork TTN Trademark
Sire's Sire:  *B South-Fork SC Titan
SSS: ++*B SG Tempo Scotty
SSD: Timber*Cove DD Honey Comb
Sire's Dam:  SGCH South-Fork Taipei Terra 3*M
SDS: One*Oak Hill Mac Tumbleweed
SDD: South-Fork Sugar Candy
Dam:  SGCH Little Orchard G Pure Passion 10*M
Dam's Sire:  Little-Walnut PI Gaston
DSS: Kastdemur's Inside Information
DSD:Little Orchard Gypsy's Promise
Dam's Dam:  SGCH Little Orchard PL Pure Joy 9*M
DDS: *B Lucky*Star's QM Parallel
DDD: SGCH Little Orchard PH Pure Charm 8*M



Triton is the first Dalton's Way buck that we retained in our herd.  He has had limited use so far but is maturing into a really nice buck.    
He is very long, tall and open, has a wide, flat rump, great rear leg set, is very angular and has his dam's beautiful head. 
We are anxious to use him on a couple more does this year. 
2010 Update - Triton gave us two more does this year and we could not be more pleased with them.  They are extremely correct. 
Triton attended his first show and won Grand Champion in two of the four rings.  He has matured into such a beautiful buck, just excelling in openness, body capacity, height and length.  He is so well put together and we could not be more proud of him.  It is unfortunate that he has had limited use due to being so closely related to most of our does.  We do plan to repeat some of the breedings from this year in hopes of getting more does!  We can not wait to freshen these girls.
Well Triton is now a finished Champion!!!  He went Grand in both rings of the Delmarva Buck Show on May 8th.  We are so proud of him and can not believe that we have finished our first buck.  His sire, Trademark, was Reserve Champion in one ring. 
...AND A 93 AT 4!!!!

3 Year-Old


*B Dalton's Way TM Justin Time     
Black                       DOB: 1/31/09
Linear Appraisal:   1-04 V + V 85
                              3-06 E E E 92
Sire's Sire: +*B South-Fork SC Titan
Sire's Dam: SGCH South-Fork Taipei Terra 3*M
Dam's Sire: *B Little Walnut PI Gaston
Dam's Dam: GCH Little Orchard BR Joyful Song 10*M


Justin is littermate to SGCH Dalton's Way TM Jasmine who was 8th Place 2 Year Old at the 2011 ADGA National Show.  She and her dam, Jubilee, were also 1st Place Dam & Daughter at Nationals.  His pedigree speaks for itself.   
We bred Justin to Dalton's Way W Pure Promise (a line breeding on both Little Orchard Pure Joy and Little Walnut PI Gaston) who gave us two absolutely stunning doe kids.  We retained one of them (Dalton's Way JS Pure Pleasure) who, at her 2nd time shown, was Jr. Grand Champion and Best Jr Doe in Show.   Justin is owned by Eileen Goedde of the Candlelight herd in Skipwith, VA but her need for a new buck last season allowed us to bring him up and use him.  She has several does out of him who we are anxious to see freshened. 
Justin has matured into a massive buck excelling in stature, general appearance and dairy character.  I just clipped him and was so impressed with what was under all that fur!  He is just a male version of Jasmine, who recently went BDIS at the 2012 Maryland Summer Doe Show out of 119! She has also finished her championship...AND appraised EX91 as a two year old 2nd freshener!  We could not be more pleased with how this breeding has turned out.

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