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Dalton's Way Lamanchas

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Reference Does

SGCH Little Orchard G Pure Passion 10*M 
Black w/ White on ears and muzzle   DOB:  2/14/06
Linear Appraisal: 
YSA 2006: 0-04  V V Ec V 
2007:       1-04  + V V V 85
2008:       Opted out (Did not Freshen)
2009:       3-07  V V E E 91
2010:       4-03  V E E E 90
2011:       5-04  V E E E 91
Production Record:
1-00   282  1373  57 44
3-00   265  1977  81 63
3-11   254  2405  93 75
Sire:  Little Walnut PI Gaston  L1286315
Sire's Sire:  ++*B Kastdemur's Inside Information
Sire's Dam: Little Orchard Gypsy's Promise
Dam: SGCH Little Orchard PL Pure Joy 9*M L1227929
Dam's Sire: *B Lucky*Star's QM Parallel
Dam's Dam: SGCH Little Orchard PH Pure Charm 8*M

Passion is another foundation doe that we purchased from Mr. & Mrs. Griner.  She is a beautiful doe that has tremendous body capacity and a very wide, flat rump.  She is a very well put together doe.  She freshened as a yearling with a lovely mammary system.  We couldn't wait to see her at 2 but unfortunately she had a false pregnancy so we will have to wait to see how she does as a 3 year-old.   We were so pleased with Triton that we have repeated the breeding with Trademark in hopes of getting a doe!  Her pregnancy has recently been confirmed by Bio Tracking.  Passion earned her SG designation in 2008. 
Passion freshened 2/9/09 with twin does!  They are beautiful kids, just what we had hoped for.   She freshened with a beautiful mammary system and the nicest fore udder attachment in the herd.
Passion has two legs toward her GCH.
Passion freshened 2/8/10 with two bucks and one doe.  She again freshened with a gorgeous mammary system. We are very excited about Passion and can not wait to get her into the showring!  Passion and Whisper appear to have crossed very well and the kids are just beautiful!
Passion has gone on to complete her Championship (pending confirmation).  We are so proud of this doe and the impact she is making on our herd.  Her son, Triton, who we decided to keep when Passion was a just a first freshener, has also become a permanent champion in just two shows this year, his first time ever off the farm.  And to top it off, he appraised a 92!!  He is a powerful buck who we are proud to have in our herd.  Passion's first freshening daughter, Porsche, is an extremely correct doe, excelling in general appearance and mammary.  She was Reserve Grand Champion at her second show! 
Passion freshened with one buck and one doe.  She once again has a gorgeous mammary system and is just such a beautiful mature doe. We could not be more pleased with the daughters she has given us and not to mention Triton.  He is an awsome buck who also is producing beautiful daughters.  We just love this line and could not be happier that we were able to bring the Charm/Joy line in before they were gone.  They were two of the nicest lamanchas we have seen in this area and could not be happier to continue this line.  Porsche is maturing beautifully.  She excels in general appearance and has tremendous body capacity for a two year old.  Promise also has that body capacity and is just a beautiful yearling who also was blessed with that beautiful fore udder.  This year's doe kid, Precious, is also beautiful.  She is extremely correct, also excelling in body capacity.  Passion has turned out to be such a tremendous foundation doe.  She and Jubilee are an asset to our herd. 


SGCH Candlelight TG Magic 3*M 
Black w/ Tan Trim    DOB:  2/17/05
Linear Appraisal:   
2006: 1-04  + E V V 86                      
2007: 2-04  V V V V 87         
2008: 3-07  V E E E 90
2009: 4-07  V E E E 91
2010: 5-03  V E E E FS91
Production Record:   
2-01   253  1737  50  64
3-00   289  2262  77  69
3-11   274  2488  95 80
5-00   139  1462  53 47

Sire:  *B Ryan's Ridge LSR Taygan L1309472
Sire's Sire:  Lucky*Star's QM Radical
Sire's Dam: Ryan's Ridge QN Vega
Dam:  SG Candlelight RRK My Sin 2*M  L1276274
Dam's Sire:  +*B SG Ryan's Ridge LSM PT Kruiser
Dam's Dam: Candlelight Moonwind 1*M



Magic is one of our original foundation does.  She is a very correct, mature doe.  She is extremely dairy, has tremendous body capacity and a beautiful mammary system.   Magic earned her production star in 2007 as well as an SG designation.  She has one leg toward her GCH and SEVEN reserve champion wins!  Magic has given us does every year she has freshened.  One of her daughters received an LA score of 89 as a first freshening yearling this year.   We are very proud of Magic and hope to finish her in '09.
Magic freshened 2/1/09 with triplets (2 does; 1 buck) and has an even nicer mammary than last year.  She has really matured into a beautiful doe and we are so proud of her.
She did it!  Magic went grand in two rings at the WPDGA show in Centre Hall, PA last weekend.  We are so excited to have finished her!!!
Magic and Trademark's '09 buck kid, Dalton's Way TM Maverick, has qualified for ADGA's Young Sire Development Program. 
Magic freshened 2/27/10 with two bucks and doe.  The doe will be retained and both bucks are available.  This too appears to be a really nice breeding and Magic again freshened with a beautiful mammary.  She later developed mastitis and was dried off early.
Magic freshened with two bucks and a doe this year and her udder came back beautifully.  We were thrilled to see that it balanced back out with no indication of previous mastitis.  She is such a great doe.  Her kids look great again this year! 


Dalton's Way TM Mercedes
Black & Tan  DOB:  1/31/09
Linear Appraisal:
2009 YSA:  0-08 + Ec Ec V
Sire's Sire:  +*B South-Fork SC Titan
Sire's Dam:  SGCH South-Fork Taipei Terra
Dam's Sire:  +*B Ryan's Ridge LSR Taygan
Dam's Dam: SG Candlelight RRK My Sin 2*M


We just love the length and height of this doe.  She is very open and dairy, has a nice, flat rump, and correct feet and legs.  She has been doing very well in the show ring too having recently earned her dry leg.  She has also been a part of some of the !st Place Junior Get-of-Sire wins we have had this season.  While Trademark has produced some very nice daughters this year, we think Magic really comes through this doe as well.  We are looking forward to seeing her mature and freshen.   
Well it turns out that Mercedes did not settle so she will remain dry this year.  Very disappointing as she is maturing so nicely.  We would have loved to see her freshen.  She has grown into such a powerful, correct yearling and is already larger than most of our older does!
Once again Mercedes did not settle and will be dry.  It is such a shame as she is a beautiful doe who we could not wait to see freshened.  Unfortunately it will not be this year.  At least we have Meadow to look forward to!
She's bred!!!!!  Finally!  Let's hope she was worth the wait! 
Well she seems to have been worth the wait after all.  She freshened with an absolutely beautiful mammary system.  Granted she is a first freshener but it is as tight and high as can be with excellent extenstion to the fore udder.  We could not be happier with her.
She is proving to be very competitive in the show ring too, having won Reserve Champion recently at the VSDGA show in Manassas, VA.   We just love the size and strength to this doe, coupled with an absolutely socked on udder!

Shiloh as a first freshening yearling

Dalton's Way TM Shiloh
Brown and White       DOB:  2/18/08
Linear Appraisal: 
YSA 2008: 0-07  V V Ec V
      2009: 1-07  V V E E 88
      2010: 2-03  V E E V 89
Production Record:
1-02  201  1279  44 35
Sire's Sire: +*B South-Fork SC Titan
Sire's Dam: SGCH South-Fork Taipei Terra 3*M
Dam's Sire:  +*B SG Ryan's Ridge LSM PT Kruiser
Dam's Dam:  SG Candlelight TD Splendor 6*M
1st Freshening

Shiloh had the most body capacity that we have ever seen in one of our kids.   She is flat boned, has excellent spring of rib, levelness over the topline, great width between the pins, and a high wide escutcheon.  She is full sister to Savannah and another example of how well Splash breeds to Trademark.  We hope she looks as good as her sister when she freshens!
Shiloh is our first yearling to freshen.  She gaves us a very nice single doe kid.  She freshened with a very well attached, capacious mammary system and continues to mature nicely.  She has been first place yearling in most of her showings so far this year.  We are very pleased with her progress and can't wait to see her at two! 
Shiloh is maturing very nicely and freshened a second time with a really nice mammary system.  She is milking extremely well for a 2nd freshener too.  We just love the depth on this doe and the tremendous dairy character she has.

3 Year-Old 3rd Freshener

SG Dalton's Way TM Riley 4*M
Dark Brown    DOB:  3/16/07
Linear Appraisal: 
YSA 2007:  0-03 V Ec Ec V
2008:        1-06 V E E E 89
2009:        2-06 V E E E 90
2010:        3-03 V E E E 90 
2011:        4-03 V E E E 91
Production Record:
1-02  177  1366  52 41
2-00  244  2016  70 53
2-10  258  2270  77 63
Sire:  +*B South-Fork TTN Trademark
Sire's Sire:  +*B South-Fork SC Titan
Sire's Dam: SGCH South-Fork Taipei Terra
Dam:  SGCH Candelight TG Magic 3*M
Dam's Sire: *B Ryan's Ridge LSR Taygan
Dam's Dam: SG Candlelight RRK My Sin 2*M

3rd Freshening

2nd Freshening

1st Freshening

Riley is the second first freshening yearling out of Trademark and second daughter to freshen out of Magic.  She has a well attached and beautifully shaped mammary system.  She is a very large and very dairy doe.  She has tremendous body capacity for a yearling.   She was first place in both rings at her first show.  She had her first DHIR test at only three weeks fresh and milked 9.5 lbs but did not earn her production star as she was dried off early.  Riley appraised an 89 as a yearling!  We are extremely proud of this doe and can't wait to see her mature!  She also earned an SG designation this year. 
Riley freshened on 3/2/09 with gorgeous twin bucks who have both qualified for ADGA's Young Sire Development Program.  
At our last show of the season (The Great Frederick Fair), Riley went Grand and her dam went Reserve.  This is our FIRST milking leg on a Dalton's Way doe!  We are so proud of her and what a way to end the season!
Riley freshened 2/4/10 with two bucks and a doe and one gorgeous mammary system.  She is maturing into such a beautiful doe.  We are very excited about her this year and look forward to trying to finish her.
Riley earned her 2nd leg 8/7/10 at the NJ State Fair in Augusta, NJ.  This is such a special win for her as there were a total of 20 lamancha milkers at this show and included some of the best lamanchas in this area.  We could not be more proud of her.  She really looked great!   

14th Place 5-6 Year Old 2011 ADGA National Show(Learned to milk herself out that day!)

SGCH Sparkling Acres Spring Melody
Black & Tan                   DOB:  3/16/06
Linear Appraisal:  
YSA 2006: 0-04 V V  Ec   V
      2007 1-03   V V + E 87
      2008 2-06   V E V E 89
      2009 3-06   V E V E 89
      2011: 4-03  E E E E 91

Sire: +*B South-Fork TTN Trademark (EX91)
Sire's Sire: +*B South-Fork SC Titan
Sire's Dam: GCH South-Fork Taipei Terra 3*M

SGCH Little Orchard BR Lily “Lucy” 3*M (EX92)
Dam's Sire: +*B SG Kastdemur’s Bad Rap
–’05 AGS National Champion
Dam's Dam: Little Orchard PL Dazzle


After losing Trademark this year, we jumped at the chance to bring Melody into our herd.  We have always admired her and welcomed the chance to bring her home.  She is a very long, tall, dairy doe with a very well attached mammary system.  We are anxious to ger her bred and see how she freshens at 4!
Thank you Kristie & Cindy for trusting us with her.  She will be well taken care of!  She is so sweet and is settling in nicely!
We could not be happier to own Melody.  She has become a real assest to our herd.  She easily finished her Championship this year and we just love her daughter (Melanie).  We have repeated this breeding.  She and Whisper seem to cross well.  


Dalton's Way W Darcie
Chocolate w/ White Trim   DOB:  2/6/10
Linear Appraisal:
Production Record:
Sire:  *B Lit'l Dutch VG Irish Whisper
SS:   *B Lit'l Dutch TR Vegas
SD:   GCH Lit'l Dutch Snowcap 2*M
Dam:  SG Dalton's Way TM Dakota 12*M
DS:    +*B South-Fork TTN Trademark
DD:    SGCH Little Orchard G Jubileee 11*M


Darcie freshened as a yearling with a beautiful, well attached mammary system.  We are extremely happy with her and her progress.  We are anxious to see her as a second freshener.

5th Place Yearling Milker 2011 ADGA National Show


Dalton's Way W Destiny
Black and Tan             DOB: 2/6/10
Linear Appraisal:
YSA 2010: 0-03 V V V V
        2011: 1-04 + V + + 83
Sire:  *B Lit'l Dutch VG Irish Whisper
SS:  *B Lit'l Dutch TR Vegas
SD:  GCH Lit'l Dutch Snowcap 2*M
Dam:  SG Dalton's Way TM Dakota 12*M
DS:  +*B South-Fork TTN Trademark
DD:  SGCH Little Orchard G Jubilee 11*M

2 Year Old 2nd Freshener


We are so excited about Destiny.  She is extremely correct excelling in all areas.  She is long, tall, deep bodied, level and very open.  Whisper seems to have crossed very nicely with Dakota.  We look forward to seeing her freshen.
Destiny freshened with a really "socked on" udder.  She is maturing very nicely and we can not wait to see her at 2.
We were so proud when Destiny was 5th Place Yearling Milker at the 2011 ADGA National Show.  We love the progress she is making and look forward to watching her mature.  And she is so sweet to boot!


Dalton's Way W Pixy Stix
Black w/ White Patches  DOB: 
Linear Appraisal:
YSA 2010: Not of Age
Sire:  *B Lit'l Dutch VG Irish Whisper
SS:    *B Lit'l Dutch TR Vegas
SD:   GCH Lit'l Dutch Snowcap 2*M
Dam:  Dalton's Way TN Snickers
DS:  *B Dalton's Way TM Triton
DD:  Candlelight TJ Roses Roses



Pixy is a real eye catcher!  We just love the correctness of this doe.  She has a long, elegant neck with a beautiful head.  She is level, open,  and has one of the highest, widest estucheons of this year's kids.  Pixie will remain dry as a yearling.
Pixy earned her restricted leg as a dry yearling.  We love the correctness of this doe and can't wait to freshen her.  She is very correct, excelling in general appearance and dairy character. 
Pixy was 19th Place Dry Yearling at the ADGA National Show in a very large, competitive class.  We were very proud of her for making the cut!

Photo coming soon
Dalton's Way TCS Paige
Black w/ white splash  DOB:  3/12/11
Linear Appraisal:
Production Record:
Sire:  *B Timber*Cove SFCC Samurai
SS:     +*B SGCH South-Fork Charming Champlain
SD:    SGCH Devonshire RC Sophia
Dam:  Dalton's Way TM Porsche
DS:    +*B South-Fork TTN Trademark
DD:    SGCH Little Orchard G Pure Passion 10*M


We are delighted with what we are seeing out of Sammy so far.  Paige is a large, very correct kid with the most perfectly placed teats we have seen.  We can not wait to see the udder attached to those teats!  Paige is very long, very tall and very deep.  She is just what we hoped for with Sammy.  We look forward to her freshening. 
Paige is maturing very similarly to Jubilee.  She looks more like her kid then Porsche's!  She is very leggy with great length of body and nice capacity for a yearling too.  She freshened with a very nicely attached mammary system, very high in the rear with good extension to the fore udder.  She has been first place in her class at almost every show she has attended this year.  We cannot wait to see her grow.

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